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XTS - Specifications
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  • to feed audio from remote locations into a satellite DVB-S platform
  • to feed audio into a terrestrial DVB-T platform from its initial implementation
  • to feed audio signals to CATV head-ends
  • to back-up existing audio channels over satellite
  • to extend existing audio programme distribution channels into DVB networks
  • to easily move existing audio channels to another (physical) location
  • to bring a number of DVB audio channels via an IP(Internet) platform over satellite (use gaps in excess bandwidth)

Special Features

  • The X.21 inputs accept MPEG audio from local codecs and standard contribution links (e.g. leased lines, microwave links or satellite links).
  • The auto-sensing function will automatically select either the MAIN or the BACK-UP input to receive the MPEG stream.
  • After initial programming, the XTS is self sufficient.
  • One or two converters in a 19“ cabinet of 1RU height only; even with redundant power supply.
  • A special pre-multiplexer combines over 100 XTS processed audio programmes into one DVB TS, thus better use is made of existing TS feeds and multiplexers.

Technical Data


XTS Single 1 converter, 1 or 2 power supplies (redundant)
XTS Dual 2 converters, 2 power supplies (redundant)


Serial synchronous data acc. to ITU X.21

Main connector 15 pin Sub-D
Back-up connector 15 pin Sub-D
Back-up criteria Automatic (Loss of Signal) or external switch input
Bitrate 64 kbit/s ... 384 kbit/s (higher rates upon request)


DVB-ASI Transport Stream acc. to EN 50083, pt 9

Connectors 2 BNC (buffered)
Optional: audio headphones output for monitoring

Signal Format

  • DVB-Transport Stream, packet mode
  • block length 188 bytes


LEDs on front panel

  • input activity
  • main or back-up input
  • CPU activity
  • supply voltages, primary and secondary
  • optional: LCD display


3 contact closures (electronic)

Connector type 9 pin Sub-D
Function freely assignable

Programming and Control

CONTROL Asynchronous serial interface acc. to RS/EIA 232
Format selectable
Baud rate 9600 bps
Parameter PID
NIT, SDT, EIT, TDT on request
switching delay MAIN - BACK-UP


Enclosure 19“ subrack 1 RU
Dimensions 484 x 45 x 260 mm
Weight approx. 3 kg for XTS Single version
approx. 4 kg for XTS Dual version


  • 85 to 240 VAC
  • approx. 10 VA (XTS Single version)
  • approx. 15 VA (XTS Dual version)


CE marked

EMC EN 55013
Electrical safety EN 60065


  • modular design for 19“ subrack 3 RU
  • higher MPEG rates