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The stand-alone audio adapter for DVB networks. MPEG audio signal is converted into a DVB compliant transport stream with an ASI interface.




The first stand-alone audio adapter for DVB networks

Innovative, reliable and cost effective unit providing a reliable broadcast service to millions of listeners

XTS-SatelliteThe XTS is any DVB-network provider’s dream come true. An easy, practical and economical solution to insert audio signals from remote sources, into a DVB Multiplexer without decoding and re-encoding the signal.

In short, the stand-alone unit XTS, accepts, converts and feeds the audio signal to a DVB Multiplexer for distribution over satellite-, CATV-, or terrestrial networks. The X stands for synchronous interfaces and the TS for transport stream.

High quality MPEG-2 audio signals contributed over PTT leased lines, a satellite link, ISDN or simply locally from the in-house codec are accepted on a standard synchronous X.21 interface. This MPEG audio signal is then converted by the XTS into a DVB compliant transport stream with an ASI interface. This stream is fed directly into TS multiplexers or CATV Headends allowing audio broadcasters to access satellite platforms, CATV distribution networks and terrestrial digital broadcast networks with minimum effort and at low cost. Moreover there is no loss of quality as cascading is avoided.

The XTS unit contains all the facilities to maximise the up-time . A built-in switch automatically switches over to a back-up contribution line, ensuring the continuity of the programme for the listeners. A redundant power supply guarantees uninterrupted operation in case of power failure.

The 1RU 19” rack unit, available in a single or dual programme version, can easily be mounted into a 19” cabinet either at the satellite up-link station, the CATV Headend or play-out centre of a digital broadcast network.

In the chain of digital equipment from contribution to distribution within the DVB platform the XTS improves the sound quality, simplifies the network, and eliminates excessive equipment thus saving space and costs. An absolute must for satellite service providers and cable television network operators in their quest to offer optimal service to their customers: the programme providers.

XTS: the Audio X.21 to ASI convertor!