Echo Canceller

Dual channel echo-canceller. Factory upgrade.

Out of the ordinary Echo Canceller for the StudioSet


By nature an ISDN hybrid is a 4-wire system so echo on the line is avoided. Regularly, however, there are situations, during which crosstalk occurs which in turn gives rise to echo. An echo is generated when there is crosstalk on the line or crosstalk in the caller's telephone in combination with delay in the telecoms network. The echo on international connections is notorious. This is the same for mobile connections. A completely different kind of "echo" occurs when information from the studio is exchanged with the caller, but which is not intended for the ear of the listeners. The echo canceller developed by You/Com for the StudioSet rejects this echo, so that these instructions are not passed on to the transmitter and thus remain inaudible to the listener.


How does it work?

The echo canceller has been developed as a specific module which can be built-in into all existing StudioSets. This module controls the signal digitally on echoes and upon detection eliminates these disruptive signals. What's so unusual about the You/Com solution is the fact that the control of the echo and its cancellation take place in the digital domain, namely in the G.711 coded signal. The advantage of this solution (in contrast to other solutions) is, that a conversion is not first made into the analogue domain. This prevents inaccuracies from being introduced, which would make it more difficult to suppress the echo.

Optimisation of Sound Quality

Already renowned for the optimisation of sound quality during broadcasting, particularly when listeners phoning in use their mobile phones, the StudioSet is now an even more versatile unit with this additional feature.